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A Comparative Analysis on the Causes of Occupational Stress among Men and Women Employees and its Effect on Performance at the workplace of Information Technology Sector, Hyderabad

KDV Prasad, Rajesh Vaidya, V Anil Kumar, B Rekha


The research study presents the outcome of a comparative analysis on causes of occupational stress among the Men and Women employees and its effect on the employee performance at the workplace of Information Technology Sector (ITS), Hyderabad. A survey of 200 employees consisting 110 Men and 90 Women working in the IT sector was carried out to assess the six independent stress causing factors Job related, Organizational Related, Career, Physiological, Behavioral and Individual factors and its effect on employees’ Performance a dependent factor. The descriptive analysis, correlation techniques and parametric statistics like t-test, F-test and multiple regression analysis carried out to arrive at the conclusions. To measure the reliability of the scale used for this study, and internal consistencies of the survey questionnaire, the reliability static Cronbach’s alpha (C-alpha) and Spearman-Brown split-half reliability statistics were estimated. The overall C-alpha is 0.89 whereas the Spearman-Brown split half statistic is 0.83. The C-alpha values ranged from 0.62 to 0.76 for Men and 0.60 to 0.74 for Women, for all the 6 independent and one dependent factor. The results of the study indicate that the medium level occupational stress exists at the workplace in general, effecting the performance moderately. Health-wise, some employees developed chronic neck and back pain, an effect of long sitting hours at work. The study confirms that Women will have more stress than Men, however the factors causing the stress among the Men and Women are not similar.


Occupational Stress; C-alpha; Multiple Regression Analysis

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