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Flexible man-man motivation performance management system for Industry 4.0

Felicita Chromjakova


Many companies are oriented on the 4th industrial revolution, they solve daily a lot of new working situation in management and organization of own production processes. The purpose of this paper Is to present methodological tool for motivation of own staff by implementation of Industry 4.0 concept. There is most important by this concept to manage and lead all employees for effective and profitable communication with e-technologies used in company. Important dates for the methodology proposal were taken from surveys realized in selected industrial companies (2014, 2015), oriented on the implementation of Industry 4.0 concept in 3 countries. According to results achieved, quantitative and qualitative analyses were realized and identified core motivation trends for effective e-processes. Presented results show key parameters and orientation strategies for flexible employees motivation, integrated in process teams in the area of production planning and organization. There is important to use various motivation strategies, dependent from the process – product – personality motivation of employees. This methodology proposal has the limitations in the small amount of companies that have implemented Industry 4.0 concept. If we are interesting on the new production management strategies in this environment, we should take positive and negative feedback from existing companies for effective new man-man strategies connected with e-processes. The research and results presented in this article open new ways of managerial strategies for production departments and industrial enterprises in the era of 4th industrial revolution. Many companies focus their attention solely on the implementation of e-technologies and e-processes, while still pay less attention to an equally important element – human. In practice will help this methodology to optimize man-man cooperation and teamwork for profitability of complex e-production systems and e-technologies. This paper extends managerial strategy configuration model highlighting new ways of man-man strategies that motivate company employees effective to cooperate with new-implemented e-technologies in according to achievement of optimal process performance.


motivation; process; industry 4.0; production planning; organization

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